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Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi-permanent make up not only saves you time from your make up routine, it can help to boost your confidence, make your features look more defined and symmetrical and here at signature we can help with this!

Permanent Make Up also known as Micropigmentation, MicroBlading, Semi-Permanent Make up are all forms of cosmetic tattooing that can last up to several years.

We can create a look that mimics the appearance of natural hairstroke brows, perfectly defined 'liquid' eyeliner and balanced, volumised lips infused with colour, using only high quality graded pigments.


If you want to achieve perfectly balanced and shaped eyebrows, wear lipstick that stays put and eyeliner that never smudges - you need to discover semi permanent make up!

Hair Stroke Brow

Digital & Microbladed £300

Combination Brow

Hair Stroke & Powder £350

Lash Enhancement Eyeliner £300


Thicker £330


Top or Bottom £175

Lip Line & Blush £300

Full Colour Lip £350

Colour Boosts

Colour boosts are recommended between:

8-12 Months £150

12-18 Months £165

18-24 Months £180

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  • Mary Cohr
  • Brow by Mii
  • Jessica
  • Balmain
  • Finishing Touches Group
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