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Eye Care Products

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Age Signes Reverse Eyes

Age Signes Reverse Eyes

Size: 15ml

This Anti ageing immunity eye contour cream softens wrinkles, helps firm the eye contour, reduces the dark circles and puffiness and visibly lifts the eyelids to help with drooping of the eyelids.

Contains cellular life concentrate which stimulates cell regeneration and reduces brown spots.

Eye Clean

Eye Clean

Size: 125ml

This eye make up remover thoroughly cleanses and removes make up from the lashes and eyelids thanks to its bi-phase texture. It also soothes the delicate skin around the eye contour.

Contains cornflour extract to help energise the eyes.

Suitable for all skin types.

Eye Fresh

Eye Fresh

Size: 15ml

This refreshing eye contour gel helps to diminish dark circles and puffiness and with pearlescent pigments in to instantly erase signs of fatigue.

Contains tissue draining plant extracts to drain excess water to reduce puffiness.

Eye Contour Acti-Serum

Eye Contour Acti-Serum

Size: 15ml

With this rejuvenating and revitalising eye cream wrinkles and fine lines gradually fade leaving eyes looking younger.

Containing plant DNA to repair cells and ginseng to replenish minerals.

Eye Repair Mask

Eye Repair Mask

Size: 4 sachets

In only 8 minutes, the eye contour area is visibly younger looking and signs of fatigue are erased.

This mask releases powerful rejuvenating, energising.

Contains cellular life concentrate to promote cellular growth and regeneration.

New Youth - Eye Contour

New Youth Eye Contour

Size: 15ml

Ideal for treating the fine skin around the eye contour and crow's feet area.

Eyes appear more luminous and youthful erasing signs of ageing.

Contains cellular life concentrate to ensure cellular growth and vitamin E to help fight against free radicals.

Double Youth Eye Contour

Double Youth Eye Contour

Size: 15ml

This miraculous eye rejuvenating care diffuses a high concentration of anti-ageing, regenerating and firming active ingredients into the skin to help diminish wrinkles and lift the eyelids.

Contains multi cellular life concentrate and hyaluronic acid to intensively moisturise the skin.

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