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Purity Care Products

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Purifying Corrective Serum

Purifying Corrective Serum

Size: 30ml

This serum has been designed to act on an in-depth level at night, to make the skin more attractive during the day. It normalises excess sebum, reduces shine and tightens dilated pores.

Contains Acnicidine Complex which helps to Regulate sebum secretion and helps fight against hyperkeratinisation - which leads to the appearance of blackheads. This also aids in Purifying and soothing the skin.

Clarifying MatiCream

Clarifying MatiCream

Size: 50ml

A purifying moisturiser that helps to eliminate shine from oily skin and treat pores. Skin is protected all day long and the complexion is shine free.

Suitable for oily skin type.

Hydrating MatiFluid

Hydrating MatiFluid

Size: 50ml

The 1st treatment designed for combination to oily skin that offers effective dual moisturising and anti shine skincare action.

Contains matipowders which instantly neautralises shine for a perfect long lasting Matt finish.

Suitable for combination skin type.

Purifying MatiMask

Purifying MatiMask

Size: 50ml

Similar to a spine, this mask immediately absorbs sebum, diminishes shine, eliminates impurities and purifies the skin.

Thanks to its powerful active ingredient sebostop, it helps to restore balance to the skin for long term results.

Suitable for oily/combination skin type.

Stop Imperfections

Stop Imperfections

Size: 15ml

Emergency care that purifies the skin and dries blemishes, thanks to its tinted cream texture.

Apply this directly to blemishes, when needed.

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