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COVID-19 Protocol

Hair Salon Opening

During these extreme circumstances, we obviously will be flexible with our normal cancellation policy.
So if anyone in your household (including yourself) feels unwell or indeed displays the recognisable Covid 19 symptoms (please refer to the NHS website for a comprehensive list of these), please do not visit the salon until you have the all clear from the NHS testing. At your earliest convenience, please contact the salon and make us aware of this.
We have clients on a waiting list, and the earlier we learn of the cancellation, the more efficient we can be at getting the appointment slot filled.

Whilst we absolutely recognise the need for treatments, your health and our health are of paramount importance and therefore we must safeguard everyone within our care and thus the bullet points below are sadly non-negotiable. Apologies for what undoubtedly reads like War & Peace!!

Signature Protocol

Cleanliness & Sanitation:

We have had a thorough deep clean so the whole salon is sanitised (and freshly decorated) – but we have also left a 15 minute window between clients, which will enable us to cleanse and sterilise the environment, ready for the next client.

As with government guidance, we will have adequate ventilation and all windows
will be open to provide effective circulation of air.

We have removed the waiting area as you will be taken immediately to the hair station
upon your prompt arrival at the salon.

The bathroom will be available for you to use – and will be cleaned after every use.
However, we recognise that some clients may feel more comfortable cleaning it before and after their usage and as such, we will leave an array of cleaning products inside, if you wish to use these.

Magazines have been removed and unfortunately we won’t be able to offer the selection of refreshments
that we once did prior to Covid. There will be disposable cups for water.
Please do not bring your own bottle of drink or cups of coffee.

Tools and equipment will be sterilised and decontaminated after every client and where possible,
we will use disposable towels, headbands etc.

Your arrival at the salon:

Arrive on time; this is essential. The door will be locked, so if it’s a nice sunny day,
please wait outside – or alternatively wait in your car, and Amber will ring when she is available and when it is safe for you to enter the building. We are doing this to reduce the risks of you coming into contact with other clients and to adhere to necessary social distancing measures.

Please do not arrive late – we are keeping to a tight schedule, and a late arrival will impact on others.
Therefore, if you are late, we reserve the right to either reduce/amend your service or cancel it, which of course we would rather not do. So please, give yourself ample time to travel to the salon.
These are extreme circumstances and we need your cooperation in order for the salon to run smoothly.

We will be wearing the necessary PPE (please don’t be alarmed at our appearance!) and request that
you wear a face mask to protect yourself and us; unfortunately, we won’t be in a position to provide these, so please be organised and have a sanitised one with you.

We will be operating a one client in, one client out basis in order to maintain the appropriate social distancing
which is still very much in place – so please come alone. This means, no children are to be brought into the salon to wait – unless of course they are having their own haircut.
Again, this minimises the risk of transmission of the virus as much as we can.

Once you have entered the salon, you must wash your hands/sanitise them.

There will be clear posters up which signpost where the hand sanitiser is and where to wash your hands.

Please come with minimal belongings, where possible. We won’t be in a position to take your jacket and hang it up. Instead we will ask you to fold it up and place it in a small box with the rest of your belongings whilst you have your treatment/service. This again will be decontaminated before the next client arrives.

Please don’t ask for additional treatments or a different service to one you have booked – as mentioned earlier, we are on a tight schedule and we most likely won’t be able to fulfil your wishes. If you want a complete restyle, then please be sure to ring the salon and speak to Amber prior to your appointment to ensure she has enough time. We would hate to disappoint anyone, when you have been so patiently waiting for your eagerly anticipated service!


Payment can only be made via debit or credit card. Please be organised with this.

Finally, a huge thank you to each and every one of you. I know the above might be perceived as excessive by some, but we wish to be meticulous in how we operate as your welfare is fundamental to our family run business. Hopefully this will run smoothly and will be perfect preparation and practice for when the beauty salon opens.

We are very much looking forward to catching up with you all,
and hearing what you have done during the last 3 months.

With much love, The Signature Team.


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